Commercial Aviation Argus is a leading contributor in setting standards for aircraft fueling facilities and systems

Since its inception, Argus has served the commercial aviation industry by providing high-quality engineering services for aircraft fuel storage facilities and aircraft hydrant fueling systems.

Because of our work in this niche market, we’ve earned the reputation as a design and management leader. We have:

  • Completed projects at 71 of the top 100 U.S airports
  • Designed storage tanks with a total capacity of 250,000,000 gallons
  • Engineered pumping capacity of 500,000-gallons-per-minute
  • Profiled 1,000,000 feet of jet fuel distribution piping
  • Developed designs for more than 1,000 aircraft gate positions

Besides aircraft fueling facilities and systems, we also design:

  • Aircraft gate parking plans
  • 400 Hertz electrical ground power systems
  • Pre-conditioned cabin air systems
  • Aircraft de-icing systems
  • Ground support equipment fueling systems
  • Pipeline Receiving
  • Transport Unloading
  • Filtration and Metering
  • AST and UST Storage Tanks
  • Distribution Pumping/Filtration
  • Distribution Transfer Piping
  • Refueler Vehicle Loading
  • Aircraft Hydrant Fueling
  • Ground Support Equipment Fueling